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Artificial intelligence and dangerous robots: barking up the wrong tree

Some famous people, among them the eminent physicict Stephen Hawking, have warned of the danger posed by artificial intelligence which may soon surpass that of humans and take over the world, making us superfluous and dispensable. But is this indeed so? My answer: intelligent machines (robots, computers) can indeed turn out to be extremely dangerous, […]

Intelligence and consciousness. Artifical intelligence and conscious robots? Soul and immortality.

Much recent attention has been given to studies of the brain and questions of artificial intelligence and consciousness. Here I discuss some relevant aspects from a philosophical point of view. The famous physicist and proponent of string theory, Brian Greene, recently (March/April 2016) participated in a discussion on ABC (Australian) television dealing with important recent […]

Die Schöpfung und ihr Ende ?

Es war einmal wie hiess er doch? Der fand in der Welt ein grosses Loch So nahm er Schere und Papier Und schuf aus Nichts so manches Tier     Auch Stift und Pinsel mussten ran Und damit schuf er Weib und Mann Sie sollten auch zufrieden sein So gab er ein’ge Kinder drein Es […]

Space, time and causality in Kant’s and Schopenhauer’s philosophy, and in physics. The role of our consciousness.

………. our mind is faulty; space, time and causality are ‘working tools’ to find our way in daily life, but our mind cannot accurately perceive the real essence of the objective world, which does not lie in space and time and is not causal. All our ideas about this ‘spooky’ world are indirect, derived by means of complicated mathematics from experiments that explore only the objective world but say nothing about the subjective (conscious) side of it.

Misleading information on climate change and corrections

The media are full of incorrect information on climate change science, often financed by commercial interests that do not wish effective action against climate change. Media campaigns have repeatedly claimed that there has been no increase in temperatures over the last 18 years, in spite of an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, that sunspot cycles […]

Das Leben ist zerbrechlich. Warum lebe ich? Die Verbindung des Bewusstseins und der physischen Welt

S This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License    Der Mohrrübenfresser: ich   Das Leben hat Tief- und Höhepunkte. Im folgenden meine Tiefpunkte und eine philosophische Interpretation der beiden Seiten der Welt: der bewussten und der physischen (alle Abbildungen meine Originale, copyright Klaus Rohde). Tiefpunkte meines Lebens bisher. Zurückdenkend, frage […]

Flüchtlingskrise und ihre Ursachen/ Refugee Crisis and its Causes

Large-scale people movements in the Middle East not due to climate change alone February 16th, 2016 by Klaus Rohde The large-scale movements of people from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to Europe are not the result of climate change  alone but are due to complex interactions between various factors: The German climate consortium (Deutsches Klima-Konsortium), […]

Niall Ferguson: Civilization, und Goethes Faust

Niall Ferguson: Civilization, und Goethes Faust July 31st, 2015 by Klaus Rohde Der britische Historiker Niall Ferguson, bekannt unter anderem durch sein Buch The Pity of War, in dem er die Ursachen des Ersten Weltkrieges untersucht, und weitere Bücher, hat in einem brilliant geschriebenen Buch einen Abrisss der geschichtlichen Entwicklung der westlichen Zivilisation gegeben und […]

Reviews of Klaus Rohde ed.: The Balance of Nature and Human Impact. Cambridge University Press 2013.

The book was published by Cambridge University Press in 2013. For details see here: To date the following reviews of the book have been published (from 4th book review of Klaus Rohde ed.: The Balance of Nature and Human Impact. Cambridge University Press 2013 June 18th, 2015 by Klaus Rohde The fourth review […]