An artist’s view of what is happening in the world. Trump and Abbott in the free world, and the aliens at the doorstep.

· Art, Australia, Kunst, politics, Politik, robots

Author Klaus Rohde

In this post I illustrate reactions to some worrying developments in the world, using some of my recent graphics. I have discussed some of these developments in my two blogs:  (Politics/Politik) and

Crush Trump Final

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 10. Die Unentdeckte (here illustrated by an acute example).

1st movement: Adagio molto messo (sich gemächlich umsehend, das arglose Opfer im Auge)

2nd movement: Tempo di menuetto (lustig spielend)

3rd movement: Andante con moto (mit lüsterner Gemächlichkeit)

4th movement: Finale, presto furioso (mit wilder Entschlossenheit)

To be patented under: Hippopotamus americanus var. dumptrump!

Puppet theatre. 2Australian puppet theatre. Who pulls the strings? Could it be the media (Murdoch among few others) and the mining magnates (Rhinehart among many others)? Only one of the puppets shown, i.e. former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


Ultimate alien trap 2


The ultimate alien trap. We all expect an alien invasion, sooner or later, and fear what the aliens might do to us once they realise that we are not better than they. Better be prepared: barmaids to the front! Let them come! No alien (hopefully) can resist the lure of a barmaid and her grog.

All illustrations my originals

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

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