Breaking news: important changes in US political landscape. The physiognomy of evil/Die Physiognomie des Üblen


Autor: Klaus Rohde



Neuere Entwicklungen in der internationalen Politik, kulminierend in den USA unten/ New developments in international politics, reaching its climax in the US below


b.w.trump etc.

Die Overlords (hier auch Richard Grenell, der Statthalter der USA in Deutschland) und ihre Untertanen/ The overlords (among them now also Richard Grenell, the proconsul of the US in Germany) and their subjects.


trump and victims

Kinder im Yemen, Opfer der Bombardierungen durch die saudiarabische Koalition inklusive der USA/ Children in the Yemen, victims of bombardments by the Saudi- Koalition including the USA

Kosheggi 3

Kashoggi und sein Mörder, händeschüttelnd mit Präsident Putin/ Kashoggi and his murderer, shaking hands with president Putin

one minute to midnght


Opfer oder Mitschuldige? Eine Minute bis Mitternacht. Feuer von oben oder Fluten von unten; Fledermäuse oder Ratten?Die Nachfolger sind bereit, doch die ‘Opfer’ scheinen es nicht wissen zu wollen/: Victims or also to blame? One minute to midnight. The successors are watching. Fire from above or tidal waves  from below, bats or rats? Our successors are ready, but the ‘victims’ don’t seem to care




Trump und sein Kumpan John Bolton/ Trump and his crony John Bolton



Jared Kushner, von Eingeweiten auch smart cookie genannt, sein Schwiegervater Donald Trump, bei Google auch als der Idiot bekannt, sein enger Freund und Vertrauter Muhammed Kronprinz von Saudiarabien, allgemein auch als der Mörder von Kashoggi bekannt, Pompeio, Donalds Secretary of State und sein Bluthund, Jair Bolsanaro, neuer Präsident von Brasilien, und einige ihrer Opfer: Kinder im Yemen/ Jared Kushner, known as smart cookie among the knowledgable, his father in law Donald Trump, known on Google as the Idiot, Jared’s  close friend and intimus Muhammed crown prince of Saudiarabia, also known as Khashoggi’s butcher, Pompeio, Donald’s bloodhound and Secretary of State, Jair Bolsanaro, new president of Brazil, and some of their victims: children in Yemen


Eine nützliche Symbiose: ich liefere das Gold (Öl), du lieferst die Bomben. Die Opfer warten auf Euch im Jenseits/ A useful symbiosis: I deliver the gold (oil), you deliver the bombs. The victims wait for you in the afterlife.

seven deadly sins

Die sieben Todsünden: gottbegnadetes Amerika, alles vereinigt in einer Person/ The seven deadly sins: America blessed by God, all united in one person.



trump co.2a


Jedoch, nehmt es auf die leichte Schulter, seht auch die komische Seite/ However, take it easy. Look at the funny side of it all:

Breaking News: Dramatic changes in U.S. political landscape. It will shortly be announced that President Trump will appoint his daughter Ivanka to president of the World Bank, batman as Chief International Troubleshooter,  and spiderman as ambassador to the European Union. He himself will  take over the role as Calif of Bagdad, as miraculously predicted 1000 years ago in the Tales of 1001 Nights. He will of course stay on as President of the U.S. He declared that he wants to get out of the sand and death of Syria, the oil-rich Iraq  being a much better investment. Let the bastards pay for all America has done for them. – Ivanka is uniquely qualified for her new role, after all she run a successful womens’ wear business for many years before getting into higher politics, Batman knows how to get into trouble and out, and Spiderman will use his webs to make the countries of the EU stick together, a dear dream the President has held for many years.

All illustrations my originals. – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Licens

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