New taxa described by Klaus Rohde

Description of new genera and subfamilies only

New genera:

  • Trematoda: ParorientodiscusOdeningotrema, Novetrema, Renschetrema, Lobatodiscus, Elseyatrema
  • Monogenea: Heteromicrocotyloides, Paramicrocotyloides, Pseudokuhnia, Scomberomorocotyle
  • Turbellaria: Luriculus


New subfamilies:

  • Trematoda: Odeningotrematinae
  • Monogenea: Scomberomorocotylinae


  • Rohde, K. (1962). Parorientodiscus magnus n.g., n. sp., ein Trematode aus dem Darm von Cyclemys amboinensis (Daud.) in Malaya.  Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde, 21, 457-464.

  • Rohde, K. (1962). Zwei Trematoden-Arten, Odeningotrema bivesicularis n.g., n. sp. und Novetrema nycticebi n.g., n. sp. (Odeningotrematinae n. subfam., Lecithodendriidae), aus dem Darm von Nycticebus coucang in Malaya.  Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde, 21, 465-474.

  • Rohde, K. (1964). Eine neue Trematodengattung (Renschetrema, Microphallidae) mit drei Arten aus dem Darm malayischer Fledermäuse.  Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde, 24, 13-22.

  • New subfamily Renschetrematinae established by Yamaguti, S. (1971). Synopsis of Digenetic Trematodes of Vertebrates. Keigaku Publ., Tokyo.; raised to family rank by Deblock, S. (in press). In Keys to the Trematoda, eds. Gibson, D.I., Jones, A. and Bray, R.A., CABI Publishing and the Natural History Museum, London).

  • Rohde, K. (1977). Habitat partitioning in Monogenea of marine fishes.  Heteromicrocotyla australiensis, sp. nov. and Heteromicrocotyloides mirabilis, gen. and sp. nov. (Heteromicrocotylidae) on the gills of Carangoides emburyi (Carangidae) on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde, 53, 171-182.

  • Rohde, K.  (1978). Monogenean gill parasites of the kingfish, Seriola grandis Castlenau (Carangidae) from the Great Barrier Reef.  Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, 24, 369-376. (Paramicrocotyloides n.g.).

  • Rohde, K. (1984). Two amphistomes, Lobatodiscus australiensis n.g., n. sp. and Elseyatrema microacetabularis n.g., n. sp., from the Australian turtle Elseya dentata (Gray).  Systematic Parasitology, 6, 219-227.

  • Rohde, K. and Watson, N. (1985). Morphology and geographical variation of Pseudokuhnia minor n.g., n. comb. (Monogenea Polyopisthocotylea).  International Journal for Parasitology, 15, 557-567.

  • Faubel, A., Rohde, K. and Watson, N.A. (1994). Sandy Beach Meiofauna of Eastern Australia (Southern Queensland and New South Wales). Luriculus australiensis n. gen. et sp., Luridae, Dalyelliida, Platyhelminthes. Invertebrate Taxonomy , 8, 1009-1015.

  • Rohde, K. and Hayward, C.J. (1999). Scomberomorocotyle munroi, n. gen., n.sp. (Scomberomorocotylinae n. subfam.), a neothoracocotylid monogenean from Scomberomorus munroi (Scombridae) in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Systematic Parasitology  43, 1-6.


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