Taxa named after Klaus Rohde

Lecithodendrium rohdei (Tematoda, Lecithodendriidae. Hosts: various bats. Locality: Vietnam). Odening, K. (1968). Trematoden aus vietnamesischen Chiropteren. Zoologische Abhandlungen 29, 119‑157.

Polystomoides rohdei (Monogenea, Polystomatidae. Host: Pseudemys dorbigni. Locality: Mexico. Mane‑Garzon, F. and Holcman‑Spector, B. (1968). Trematodos de las torgugas del Uruguay, VII. Polystomoides rohdei n.sp. de la boca de Pseudemys dorbigni (Dum. & Bib.). Comunicaciones Zoologicas del Museo de Historia Natural de Montevideo 9, Nr. 120, 1‑3.

Renschetrema rohdei (Trematoda, Microphallidae. Host: Rhinolophusaffinis. Locality: Vietnam. Matskasi, 1. (1973). Flukes from bats in Vietnam. Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 19, 339‑359.

Pseudacanthocanthopsis rohdei (Copepoda. Host: Dascyllus reticulatus. Locality: Great Barrier Reef). Ho, J.‑S. and Dojiri, M. (1976). Parasitic copepods on the fishes of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Part 1. Cyclopoida. Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory 23, 257‑273.

Phallodrilus rohdei (Annelida, Oligochaeta. Locality: Heron and Wistari Reefs, Great Barrier Reef). Jamieson, B.G.M. (1977). Marine mirobenthic Oligochaeta from Heron and Wistari Reefs (Great Barrier Reef) of the genera Clitellio, Lininodriloides and Phallodrilus (Tubificidae) and Grania (Euchytraeidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 61, 329‑349.

Calydiscoides rohdei (Monogenea, Diplectanidae. Host: Lethrinus mahsena. Locality: Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef). Oliver, G. (1984). Quelques especes du genre Calydiscoides Young (Monogenea, Monopisthocotylea, Diplectanidae), parasites de Perciformes des R6cif de la Grande Barrie’re (Australie). Zoologica Scripta 13, 189‑193.

Rohdella siamensis (Trematoda, Aspidogastrea. Hosts: Osteochilus melanopleurus el Barbus daruphani. Locality: Thailand), Rohdellinae new subfamily. Gibson, D.I. and Chinabut, S. (1984). Rohdella siamensis gen. et sp. nov. (Aspidogastridae: Rohdellinae subfam. nov.) from freshwater fish in Thailand, with a reorganization of the classification of the subclass Aspidogastrea. Parasitology 88, 383‑393.

Fontius klausrohdei (Trematoda, Lecithodendriidae. Hosts: various bats. Locality: Malaya). Lotz, J.M. and Palmieri, J.R. (1985). Lecithodendriidae (Trematoda from Taphozous melanopogon(Chiroptera) in Perlis, Malaysia. Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington 52: 21-29. (also attributed to Prosthodendrium).

Neomazocraes rohdei (Monogenea, Mazocraeidae. Host: Nematolosa vlaminghi. Locality: Western Australia). Williams, A. (1988). Three new species of monogeneans of the family Mazocraeidae from clupeiform fishes in the Swan River Estuary, Western Australia. Systematic Parasitology 12, 93‑104.

Ceratomyxa rohdei (Myxosporea. Host: Petroscrites (= Dasson) jallax. Locality: Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef). Moser, M., Kent, M.L. and Darren, D. (1989). Gall bladder Myxosporea in coral reef fishes from Heron Island, Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology 37, 1‑13.

Hatschekia rohdei (Copepoda, Hatschekiidae. Host: Chlorophthalmus nigripinnis. Locality: North Coast of New South Wales, Australia). Kabata, Z. (1991). Copepoda parasitic on Australian fishes, XIII. Family Hatschekiidae. Journal of Natural History 25:91‑12 1.

Rohdea cryptopoda (Copepoda, Chondracanthidae. Host: Genypterus blacodes. Locality: off Pt. Kembla, SE Australia). Kabata, Z. (1992). Copepoda parasitic on Australian fishes XIV. An assemblage of bathypelagic fishes. Journal of Natural History 26, 9-45.

Myxobolus rohdei (Myxozoa. Host Mugil cephalus. Locality Arrawarra, NSW Australia. Lom, J. and Dykova, I. (1994). Studies on protozoan parasites of Australian fishes III. Species of the genus Myxobolus Bütschli, 1882. European Journal of Protistology 30, 431-439.

Benedenia rohdei (Monogenea. Host: Lutjanus carponotatus. Locality: Australia Coast of Queensland. Whittington, I.D., Kearn, G.C. and Beverley-Burton, M., 1994. Benedenia rohdei n. sp. (Monogenea: Capsalidae) from the gills of Lutjanus carponotatus (Perciformes: Lutjanidae) from the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, with a description of the oncomiracidium. Systematic Parasitology. Dordrecht 28(1): 5-13.

Dactylogyrus rohdeianus (Monogenea. Host: Fishes: Capoeta damascina, Locality: Iran. Jalali, B., Papp, M. and Molnar, K., (1995). Four new Dactylogyrus species (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from Iranian fishes. Folia Parasitologica 42(2): 97-101.

Eimeria rohdei (Coccidia). Host Monacanthus chinensis. Locality: Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia). Lom, J. and Dykova, I. (1995). Studies on protozoan parasites of Australian fishes. Notes on coccidian parasites with description of three new species. Systematic Parasitology 31, 147-156.

Rohdetrema sandoshami n.g., n.comb. (Trematoda. Hosts: bats Tylonycteris sp. and Kerivoula sp.. Locality: Kuala Senyul, Kelantan, Malaya). Deblock, S. (2001). In: Keys to the Trematoda, eds. Gibson, D.I., Jones, A. and Bray, R.A., CABI Publishing and the Natural History Museum, London).

Acanthobothrium rohdei (Cestoda. Host: Urolophus lobatus. Locality: SE Indian Ocean: West Australian coast. Campbell, R.A. and Beveridge, I., (2002). The genus Acanthobothrium (Cestoda: Tetraphyllidea: Onchobothriidae) parasitic in Australian elasmobranch fishes. Invertebrate Systematics. Collingwood. 16: 237-344.

Archimonocelis rohdei (Platyhelminthes, Proseriata, locality: Woolgoolga, NSW Australia). Miller, W. and Faubel, A. (2003). Six new species of Proseriata (Plathelminthes) from eastern Australia. Mitt. hamb. zool. Mus. Inst .100, 27-57.


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